First Company in the world to launch Mobile Fintech Services

We are serving over 25 companies in 20 countries worldwide and this number is growing with new launches every quarter.

What we do

AI & ML based scoring

We determine the credit-worthiness of each client, using behavioral scoring model.

Micro-lending technology

We deliver microlending solution which includes processing, disbursement, repayment, recovery and management of loans.

Big data engine

We use latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to maximize our value proposition.

Our products

Data as a Service (DaaS) is a complex approach aimed at monetization of MNO’s Big Data relying on advanced techniques in analyzing telco usage. A user-friendly and fast ecosystem is built for various providers of goods and services be equipped with access to valuable data for making lending decisions.

Using variety of accessible data, decision is made on eligibility of any given individual independent on whether they have or not credit history. Complex product system is built with scoring engine and loan management platform as core components.

Enabling embedded finance to all credit-invisible customer segments of a bank – via using sophisticated scoring engine and state-of-the-art loan management platform. Our solution greatly reduces cost of the lending process as well as efficiently managing risks of the same.

Enabling embedded finance to all customer segments of a mobile wallet passing through creditworthiness assessment based on AI/ML driven scoring algorithms. Loan servicing module presents as well.

Buy Now Pay Later solution technically integrated into any ecosystem featuring e-commerce, marketplace etc. for transparent access allowing the end-users to take advantage of making installment-based purchases. 

Lending an airtime to MNO customers on the premise that they will pay back with a bit of premium. Built-in machine learning system provides for maximum profitability of the business model.

While scoring engine and set of algorithms are core of all Simbrella’s solutions, it is possible to implement scoring as a standalone component should such a need arise at any of our potential clients – banks, MNO’s, mobile wallets etc.

Worried about protection of sensitive data? We created data anonymizer solution for this particular purpose – it’ll help to carry on all scoring and lending activities in any customer base without disclosing actual customer information.

Tech-Powered Financial Solutions

  • AI and ML based scoring engine

  • End-to-end lending technology

  • High-performing and secure operating platform

  • Fast and consistent decision making

  • Flexible customizable solution

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Simbrella Geography

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Executive team

Seymur Mammadov

Chief Executive Officer

Ramiz Lyapin

Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer

Shamsiyya Ismayilova

Chief HR & Administrative Officer

Selbin Alakbarova

Chief Product & Fintech Officer

Ali Akbar Mammadov

Chief Commercial Officer

Elman Talybov

Chief Strategy Officer

Anar Aliyev

Chief Data Science & Analytics Officer

Farhad Huseynov

Chief Financial Officer

Natiq Alasgarzade

Project Management Office Director

Bendeguz Seres

Sales & Accounts Head

Eldar Novruzov

Regional Sales & Accounts Management Director

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Latest news

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Our CPO Selbin Alakbarova has taken a stage as a speaker at #GSMA #M360 Eurasia in Baku.

Our CEO Seymur Mammadov has been awarded the prestigious title of EY Entrepreneur of The Year!